Sunday, March 20, 2011


Here is something fun.  I spent a lot of time "practising" (messing about) with this. My main source of info came from the Etsy Labs Archive . Once I had the plastic more or less doing what I wanted I was able to make it into something useful.  I made loads of bags - ask all the unsuspecting friends who each got one with their Christmas prezzies in. It took a couple of tries to come up with the current design that I'm happy with.

This week I tried something new.  I made 3 panels, one for either side and one for the bottom (to make it sturdier)  there is still fabric on the sides and for the handles and the binding bit around the opening. This bag has the added bonus that I used recycled denim for the fabric bits (remember last weeks denim pockets - well the rest of the denim was used).

This picture shows the bottom view.
Picture on right shows some patches I added.
Have a crafty week.

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