Sunday, March 27, 2011

T-Shirt Patchwork pants

This week my inspirations came from an idea I've seen on a blog called MADE they are celebrating all things BOY as its not as easy to find cute ready inspiration for BOYS as it is for the Girls in our lives. So first go and look what she did then see what plan I came up with.

These pants are made from recycled T-shirts. I love re-purposing things. When a t-shirt is marked and stained, turns out the back is still perfectly good to use.

On the mentioned blog they give a great description on how to go about putting your pieces together. I used the front of a polo type shirt for this pocket (minus the collar)

Then tried out different techniques all over. (Now  Dad wants one too - I'll need more T-shirts)

These pants came in handy this weekend as D and S participated in a Parade.  Their theme was Runnaway Circus and they had to be dressed colourfully.

To finish the outfit for my Boy I went to Salvos in search of a BIG hat or something to put on his head. What I found worked great I just covered the writing with a big felt star Seth chose the colour and we were set for the Runnaway Circus.


Have a super Crafty week.

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