Saturday, April 9, 2011


There is nothing like a good old deadline to help you get something off the ground that you've been wanting to try for months.  This little boy backpack caught my eye a while ago, I even knew who to make it for and that I had the perfect fabric waiting just for it.  Time seems to be in rather limited supply here (and I'm sure all over). What was different this week? I certainly didn't have MORE time but yet here it is, a finished product and a satisfied me just in time for the little friends' 1st birthday.


I have mentioned before how I absolutely love re purposing things - the original article has a lovely tutorial on making the shoulder straps but I had these on a bag that we're just not enjoying anymore so with a little modification I sewed them straight onto this new bag.

                                                             I lined it with some canvas to give it a nice sturdy form.  The closing "thingy" was also re purposed from another unused garment.

These Beanbags came from the original idea (and the fact that I had just about enough fabric left to make them). I didn't use her lovely idea (her felt letters are able to button on and off )- I do appreciate  the educational value except I have been a mommy just long enough to know that the letters and the beanbags will never find each other after the first two weeks.

Graciously modelled by Eli

Have a Crafty week.

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