Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cuddle Bunny

It's April and Easter Time. About 3 Easters ago I knitted a couple of these little guys for our new baby, actually it was one for the new baby to be and then the siblings had to have one each and then a couple more for friends and relations you know how it goes.  There is a new baby girl that made her appearance a week or two ago and when we went for the little smell and cuddle session to meet our new little friend and congratulate her elated family I felt the urge to take a Bunny friend. Keeping patterns organized just doesn't seem to be my strong point but now thanks to the wonderful world  wide web it doesn't have to be - after a google search I found the pattern online.  It is a Lincraft pattern free to use in their archives and you too can find it here:      

The hardest part for me is putting the face on - I do have 3 critical viewers and as long as it passes their "friendly face" criteria it's good to go.
Choosing the right wool is important as it has to be super soft and cuddly (and durable for lots of washing).  The Fairy floss that they recommend gives just about the most touchable finish I can recommend. Oh and the whole project took me one evening for the knitting and one more for the finishing. 

This bunny is ready to go to her new home.
Have a crafty week.


  1. Very cute. I wish I could knit.

  2. Very cute! come visit me @ would love to see you there ;-)