Monday, June 13, 2011


I completed the first block of my Japanese inspired quilt this week. This block is about 23x23cm.  I'm not sure how it is all going to fit together lets just say it's a work in progress.
I stitched with 100% cotton sashiko thread in cream and red on pre printed cotton in Navy.

The cream is just a simple running stitch. I used an embroidery hoop so that my piece won't pucker too much.

 The little red flower is made up of detached chain stitches also known as a Lazy Daisy.  I found a great video tutorial on making them.  I used the same technique mine is just more centered.  I tried to put 9 petals in a circle (some didn't quite get 9). If you go to this link daisy-stitch-video-tutorial you will see how easy it is to incorporate these in your hand sewing.
Have a Crafty week.

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  1. this quilt is going to be amazing! I look forward to watching it grow