Saturday, April 16, 2011


This week I tried something really fun. It's something I originally saw here:  punkinpattern.sweettoothpouch , she  did a superb job, hers is lined and covered in vinyl.  Then I also spotted this obsessivelystitching-juice-pouch-belt-tutorial now this really got me going. (They'll never teach you this in Design school) Being able to sew through something recyclable and end up with a useful product. I like that. I experimented with different media and the findings were mind boggling I'll show more in weeks to come.  My inspiration for this Coin purse comes from a Coffee loving friend who introduced me to her latest find:

I wondered could I sew through it? And if so, then what would you make?

I increased my stitch size a little and started sewing - no problem and it is really strong too. I then created a pattern I liked ( a little bit like a Quilt). When I had the two sides the size I wanted I decided to add a zip.

 Next with right sides facing each other sew the sides and bottom closed. Just a note before you sew your last side closed please open the zip - yes I had to unpick a bit because I had a completely closed inside out coin purse ??? Don't blame me I was so excited about the fact that I was sewing on something that should not be sewed on.

This next bit is a bit tricky to explain. Look at the last picture to see the result.  You need to take the bottom corner of your purse. Place the side and bottom seems onto each other (right sides facing) sew across the corner effectively creating a triangle.  Do the same to the other corner. Then turn the whole thing inside out (through your open zip).

Whalaa a little CoffeeCoin Purse. I gave mine a little tag to hold onto.

Have a Crafty week.

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