Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hope you're all having a blessed Easter time appreciating the miracle of living your life. I've had some Green crafting fun helping my kiddos construct Easter baskets out of all sorts of recycled materials. While looking around for some ideas, I came across this site by michelemademe she shows how to get a long continuous "string" from a cereal box. She made a gorgeous little easter basket with it.  I'll start at the end of my product today and then deconstruct it ....

Make a mold (cardboard and sellotape worked great) I covered mine in Tinfoil. Cover some rope in glue any project glue will work and stuff it into your mold press down a little and leave to dry - when dry take out of mold and put a piece of ribbon through to hang it up with. Here is a picture of my mold.

Next is the polystyrene egg I covered mine in some beautiful tissue paper that I got from the grocery store.  Simply cover the egg with glue and then mold the paper around.  I tied a ribbon to each one so I can tie it to my wreath.

Then the fun recycling bit - I took a cereal box and cut a long continuous string (as you would make a snake out of a sheet of paper) from it. Mine is about .5 cm thick and as much as I could get out of one box this I then tied to an old wire coat hanger that I pulled into a round shape.

There you have it a  wreath with all the Easter elements - A cross for the Crucifixion and some eggs to symbolize the new life and resurrection.

Have a Crafty week.

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