Saturday, May 28, 2011


I wanted to call this a Neckerchief as it brings up images in my mind of Benjamin Bunny messing about in Old Mac Gregor's garden.  Unfortunately for it to be a Neckerchief it has to be a little bit triangular, so this will be a Scarflette.  The actual blog is about BLOCKING your knitting.  I am confessing straight up that this was my first attempt and as it was so successful I am converted.  You have to block your knitting specially if you've spent all that time knitting up a gorgeous lacy pattern.  Picture 1 is my piece fresh of the needles. teaches us about blocking why you would want to do it and how to do it to what type of fibres.  As I used a 100% wool here steaming did the trick. You should get some T-pins I think they will make the job a bit easier.

Look how beautifully the pattern has opened up. The steam just pulled the pattern into place.  My scarflette pattern is just a rectangle, when folded over your shoulders let the two pieces hanging down the front meet with a nice brooch or in this case some little buttons (thanks to the lacy pattern I just used existing holes)

When you put a jacket over this it looks like you have this gorgeous knitted top on it acts like a false collar it is lovely and warm but not too hot for in between weather a great layering technique. You can also do it out of those lovely balls  in your stash that you only have one of, as it doesn't have to be nearly as long a a regular scarf.

That's my bit for the week. Wish me well as we've reached D-day for moving and the packers will be here on Monday morning.
Have a Crafty week.

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