Sunday, May 1, 2011


I have been severely told off this week by a well meaning friend.  Here is the thing in exactly a month my whole house and family will be moving across the country. She said I should be packing and NOT crafting!! Well here is my side of the story, when packing, a whole lot of decisions need to be made.  In this specific case I'm looking at this old cutting board and thinking "definitely not worth moving you across you go on the throwaway pile"

Just a bit later I'm in another area packing a few things and then what do I find a half used tin of chalkboard paint now that can definitely NOT be packed so out that goes... Together in the out box my cutting board and tin of chalkboard paint started scheming about being allowed back in -  and the rest is history.

It didn't take very long at all (and I had to take a break from packing anyway) and now in my yet unknown house on the other side of the country I'll have a Note board with character.

 Mark the area you want to paint with some tape. Chalkboard paint goes on best with a roller and you'll need a couple of layers (let it dry in between). If your wood is very faded you can use some woodstain to give it a nice glow.  I wanted a little ledge  for my chalk to rest on (otherwise I'll never find it) so I re purposed some pencils from the drawing cupboard they're the extra thick ones for toddler hands. A bit of wood/craft glue and it works like a charm. Here is a closeup.
I suppose you can add to it by turning in some hooks to hang your keys on depending on where in your abode you'll be using it. Next time you buy a humble cutting board - think what you can do with it when it has served its purpose .. I'm thinking of buying one big enough to become a tray.

Have a crafty week.
ps. Please send me a picture of what you've done with your cutting board.

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